The farm Grimaldi was born to create a task with the quality closely linked to the territory, the environment and health, which is why the products are certified organic and DOP
The company for its product diversification is spread over various areas, ranging from the slopes of the banks of the river Simeto, to encourage the development of organoleptic properties and quality of each product.
It ‘a young company, founded in 2006 thanks to the work of two young brothers Grimaldi, supported in their adventure from their parents, run by the desire to tie the traditional technology in respect of the territory.

All of our preserves are homemade and using only top quality products and free of preservatives and thickeners, to ensure a high quality and unique taste.

Our specialties are:

The pests based “GREEN PISTACHIO BRONTE” or organic almonds, prepared using only 70% of fruits (almonds or pistachios) and extra virgin olive oil. In addition to traditional recipes we can offer variants original and unique, like the sweet spreads almond or pistachio. Our exclusive preserves of prickly pear or kiwi, particularly suitable cheeses.


The farm Grimaldi communicate to our customers that will be closed from 08.06.2015 to 19.08.2015 for HOLIDAYS. Orders that are received during the closed season will be processed to return from holiday. Thank you!

13-19 July 2015 – Present Expo Milan – Cluster Bio-Med.